Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hunting Season

A treasure hunt that is. You have from now to October 31, 2012 to gather up 50 clues and email them to me ( to be entered in a drawing for $150 worth of Stampin' Up! supplies from the lovely Sherrill Graff. I will also enter you in a drawing for some blog candy of my own, think on a smaller scale. Anyways, the details.

There is a list of blogs on my sidebar, check them out and find the clues. Not all the blogs will have a clue and some of the clues may be hidden under other posts. You will know if they are participating because you will see this picture.

And then under that you will see a picture of a Stampin' Up! item as their clue. Like this:

This is my clue the Big Shot. This machine is awesome, and so versatile...

So have fun and remember to email me the list of blogs and their clues. And you only have until October 31 to collect 50!

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