Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Am Reaching Out - Emily Montoya

I Am Reaching Out - Emily Montoya. Emily spoke about the age group of 25-35 and how to get their attention. Loved this class. Emily referred a lot to what Jason Dorsey spoke about in his presentation about Baby Boomers, generation X, and Gen Y. She was great and she's pregnant. LOL! And can you believe she is not a demonstrator but shes awesome.

I Am Doing Business "My Way" - Bonnie Thurber

I Am Doing Business "My Way" - Bonnie Thurber. Bonnie is as real as it can get, this class was really, really, informative with real life stories. The class touched on what a private class has, and tips on conducting a private class. Keeping your projects simple so that people can actually make them and not feel intimidated. To me this class was the most helpful of all of them. And of course I had to take a pic with Bonnie Thurber to me she's a celebrity.

I Am Open for Business - Carrie Cudney

I Am Open for Business - Carrie Cudney, she is so talented. Carrie also gave some great tips in her class, she spoke about managing our business and putting it out there. Basically creating awareness to your business. This class was very helpful. 

I Am Having Fun - Shannon West

I Am Having Fun - Shannon West - OMG!!! she has got to be my favorite, this class lived up to it's name FUN. Shannon did a dance with Brian Pilling who by the way is hilarious. Shannon broke down the science of fun, what fun is to you, and how to add fun to your events. Very informative class. Love her, she's awesome.

Stampin Up! Convention 2012

This is Susan we went together to the Stampin' Up! Convention 2012, she was my roomie. Here she was on line for the Memento Mall and at the same time we were swapping, this is the begining of the fun.

These were some of the items at the Memento Mall. I bought one for my downline and some of my friends yay!!! I brought back so many things from Memento Mall OMG!!! But I didn't need another carry on like Susan did LOL!!!

I Am a First Time Recruiter - Jill Leigh

This is Jill Leigh she taught the class I Am a First Time Recruiter. This lady was awesome in her presentation. She gave a lot of helpful information, and it was funny because she had 2 demonstrators that she had who were telling they're success stories and Jill commented that she felt like Oprah. Over all the class was great! Convention was great my first time and clearly not my last.